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Default R79 - The Indifference Story

Full disclosure, I didn't write this - Cyro did

Indifference with subtle Canasian Revolutionists

So yea guys, those who are in-game obviously know Indifference has won the round, but I thought perhaps a short story sharing how we got to that point could be fascinating to some as it was most certainly a roller coaster ride for us! Wont talk about every little detail, just bits and pieces to give perspective and there is no animosity or malicious intent with the story either, I just speak fairly direct.

We started the round pretty normal with the rest of everyone, and we noticed how there seemed to be 3 FTW alliances, well 2 FTW and 1 FTWish (will explain this in a bit), so we thought hell this is gonna be pretty damn fun actually, been a while since 3 competitive alliances went at it, so we firstly pegged the one alliance QuaranQueens as possibly Stevey and Martin's crew, since they were mostly the idling ftw alliance as of late, then we pegged Lockdown as lead by Leeroy, since he tried to join us before round start LOL - "got space for a changed bellend?", so flak wars began, was a ton of fun, we sent out alliance attacks to what we thought was one alliance but it happened to turn out that we were in fact hitting some ID's from each of the aforementioned alliances, so whichever way, QuaranQueens pretty much got their ass handed too them, they were only able to land about 3k grab from us in the course of 2 or 3 days whereas we grabbed about 22k, we didn't really hit Lockdown at this stage as we were told not to draw fire from 2 alliances, so we continued our focus on the suspected QuaranQueens, but this was not the case.

It quickly became apparent that Indifference was the front runner, we had an acre advantage, got our PB's/Shocks/WW's before anyone else and got some decent attacks in, I say decent as we were not overly aggressive either (which was one of our weak points initially I guess), was just some chilled alliances attacks on occasion, so we started getting incoming from Lockdown when we decided to hit them and it was basically a 2:1 spout in our favour, but we didn't fight for long anyway as Queens were an easier land grab (no offence <3). The timeline becomes a bit fuzzy and there is no way I will go back in WA chat that far, but Lockdown and Queens began hitting us together around this time (there was ofc some political undertones here and hatred to our founding leader - Polo, which motivated both sides more to join together), so a solid 2v1 began, we would hit Lockdown, then suddenly we start getting retals from Queens, and vice versa, we were ofc forced into buying more troops and delaying tech to defend vs the 2v1, so we ended up having a massive troop score compared to the other 2 alliances but we were not using it! We were suggestively instructed to turtle the 2v1 and try tech up at the same time, none the less, a whole debate started around what our goals actually were, since we were not actually a FTW alliance, more so a collective of old school players with a vast amount of experience coming back for a fun round during quarantine/lockdowns, which lasted longer than it should've tbh, but our name Indifference was very appropriate in this instance.

So the 2v1 persisted, and we held out for about 2 weeks iirc, so touche to our team and committing more time and effort than they initially intended to, but real life commitments got the better of people and we started to slowly die off as we no longer had an acre advantage and were not able to recoup troop losses, as such we dropped to rank 3 and simply began to rebuild and catch up on delayed tech's, effectively of course. Queens and Lockdown glared at each other for about 2 or 3 weeks? before actually doing something, during this time we reached out of course pointing out to Queens and some Lockdown members that the core of Lockdown were notorious cheaters, Queens of course denied fully about knowing who actually lead Lockdown at that point. So whichever way, after the long stare down between the two, Queens took the first shot and hit Lockdown during Aussie downtime on a Friday?, quite effectively initially, element of surprize and all that, then Queens started catching on with players being online for like 48hrs straight, and **** like that, usual shenanigans by said notorious cheaters, and Lockdown had some big BR's vs Queens, effectively ending their war by the Sunday. (We ofc have screenshots of literally whatsapp chat from one of the cheaters themselves, bragging about it, so kudos for the pride I guess, definitely the right thing to be proud of).

Queens then disbanded and formed their solo ring of pnaps, Indifference still rebuilding and punit techs rolling in, this ofc went on for a while whilst killing or forcing recalls with the odd LH on the natural 5+ on one tick vs +2 targets that Leeroy is known for. We saw a glimmer of hope (not letting cheaters win the round) from 2 or 3 disgruntled Lockdown members as they noticed some obvious things as well, long hours, no discussion of pranks yet people pop online, etc etc, so Indifference "leadership" at this stage began discussing and exploring a resistance

The likes of Twigley, Maickesh, Elderveld, Martin, Stevey, Steve_God, Dachi, Tom/Flying_Blind, Polo - whom was in hospital unfortunately at the time, all of whom with others, worked tirelessly to be honest for about close to two weeks to overcome differences and personal feuds and bad blood to form a resistance as a player base to overcome Leeroy, CK and the likes (Lilow was cheering us from the sidelines of course to beat them) for the good of Bushtarion really, and we did!

Planted up on the Sunday morning, majority bought gamecash to bolster our troops and we launched pretty much the whole day, not relenting, and finally a few of them left the alliance and others hit sleepmode at around 21/22GMT, so we thought we had overcome a terrible spout of cheating with absolute justice!

Then a new alliance popped up.. Leftovers. We asked around out of curiosity if it was Treedude but it was not him, so we just monitored it for the fun of it, then really dodgy and crass names started popping up towards Polo (which Azzer dealt with and explained the absolute abuse he also has had to endure from people, which ultimately was part of his reasoning behind his absence, even had a couple come over from the US stalking him and threatening him to the point he got police involved) and we knew it was that notorious little bunch again, then of course found their routes amusing and knew what was to come (90% military for rushing). Time went on and the guys that had hit sleep mode from Lockdown had come out and we launched immediately of course, then some dodgy shenanigans occurred again - land farming by Leftovers, and this alliance - Lockdown, suddenly started filling up again. So of course time went on and we launch regularly on Leftovers (our bottom half since they remain in rush ranges), not all successful but it does raise a distressful concern about multi's and account sharing, as we've monitored a sudden spike of 20 - 30 players easily in global count when these attacks occur, then on occasion a retal occurs from Lockdown while we hit Leftovers, they are essentially 37/40 but we highly doubt they are individual players as they struggled to fill their alliance initially at round start, the way they send, activity, etc. it all just adds up too much to avoid.

So fine, the above is just for some context really, sorry it turned out a bit long winded, was not the intention, and there is just one last thing I wish to add really, and probably the most important external factor to deal with and perhaps a bit corny, is a huge thanks and mention to the few former Queens crew who stuck around after their loss, the "Maickesh" solo group and their commitment, and anyone else really involved with the initial resistance, it showed that a massive love still exists, perhaps a bit unhealthy, for Bushtarion, I do know there was some deep feuds overlooked for the greater good of not letting cheaters win.

And to my fellow Indifference mates, damn awesome infidels if I ever saw any, we stood together during a rough 2v1, spent a **** load of time rebuilding and poising ourselves for a resistance which we drove, then dealing with constant 01:00gmt multi's rushes from 35+ peeps, just long enough for Azzer to return, even for a brief moment, to punish them, kudos to a really awesome round in fact.

Polo - ratio god, benevolent magnet of all goodness and arseholeness
Boogie - defence god and room chill pill
TheRealJason - overwatch and bill gates lover
Clem - aggressive day time AR calculator
Mart - good guy, in-laws chose him
Felix - friendly inaccurate German
Chris - YOLO Grass Tycoon
Icy - sleep is for the weak
Tom - dog saver and little finger
Monk - has lots of hippies and monster drinks
Steve_God - mows the lawn when mobs outgoing
JJB - phone gets thrown between titties when bush commitments call, so rude.
Alcibiades - destroyer of friendly land grabs, send with him at own risk
Brandon - sarcastic selflessness at its best
Chewy - supreme overwatch and has a small peepee
Elder - failed at ending rank 1, nub.
Dachi - abercrombie bushnaut
Sumit - first to call the YOLO Grass Tycoon a nub
Ola - friendly viking fisherman
Cryo - directly friendly

Indifference members who did not end with us but were there at the start/during, and were ofc an absolute joy to have around

Dooboo - Canasian Revolutionist
Berry - Lurking defender
Mattheus - Graph dude
Twigley - Stfu nub, let Twigs tell you why you're wrong
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I'm team Steve_God.
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how does any of this help steve retain rank 1?
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Ps. Go team steve
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oh and STEVE - GOD ftw cause he likes grandmas
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First alliance story in four years, good stuff
Welcome back o/
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Great write up. Fantastic to see so many old names coming back to Bush to cover the boredom of lockdown.
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Sweet baby Jesus! Sumit played? <3
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Congrats on the win.; at least it was a bit of a fun round with some proper fighting. Nice to have a story like this again in forums; though it could do with a little less bashing about honesty and justice against cheaters......and the story is missing a detail ........where 1 Lockdown member suddenly 'by accident' withdrew his defense and is mentioned as one of your key members.

However: well played, a deserved win and congrats.
a new forum, ok, so you are all noobs like me now
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Originally Posted by Dimitar View Post
Sweet baby Jesus! Sumit played? <3
lol yeah, had a bit more free time with Quarantine

that and I couldn't let my brother play without some help
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Originally Posted by Steve_God View Post

Then a new alliance popped up.. Leftovers. We asked around out of curiosity if it was Treedude but it was not him
Just noticed this, who were you asking around and why did no-one just ask me? lol
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Originally Posted by Treedude View Post
Originally Posted by Steve_God View Post

Then a new alliance popped up.. Leftovers. We asked around out of curiosity if it was Treedude but it was not him
Just noticed this, who were you asking around and why did no-one just ask me? lol
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