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Originally Posted by Gazzy View Post
Other tweaks:

Shorten the 72 ticks it takes for NAPs. Very minor I understand. But 72 is excessive. I think 2-3 hours would be sufficient to stop any abuse while allowing some degree of protection.
Ahh. Good idea that one. Where did you get it from?

I like the idea of more bots, and giving them a wider variety of routes. I know it's probably random or something, but this round there seems to be only a few route choices.

i like the WW and WK idea too
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Everyone is complaining about how the casual alliances are gonna get raped by FTW allys with half the alliance size. Now can you please explain to me how they are supposed to rape the sh#t out of FTF allys with only 10 players???

You people saying that dont realise that it will become dam hard for FTW allys to win...Hence making it more pleasurable and easier for FTF players. and to add to this resistances will be a LOT easier to pull off! packing the round with more excitement.

Also people that hate rushing units are p#ssies
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Originally Posted by Gazzy View Post
On unit tweaks:

Shield Androids to only target ALL (as opposed to LET/ALL). They're not as good at being LET flak as they should be, but by changing them to target ALL they become slightly more useful sweepers in the early game, making them a more versatile unit.
Targetting ALL increases the sweeping capability by a negligible amount because they are so poor in HD/AD as well as the fact that most people use hippies or w/e ALL flak when required.

Thanks max, i had seen that thread before but i had forgotten about it. It would be a good thing to put in i think but it would probably be hard to code from scratch.
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Note - Any posts not either submitting a suggestion, or responding to the suggestions of others, will be removed. We have quite a task to get some suggestions on the table and hammer out some agreement - Anything not contributing to this end will be removed.

Some interesting suggestions so far - Please make sure that as well as submitting your own ideas that you comment on the input of others. (Constructively, where possible).

Taking the lead, discussion wise, so far:

Alliance sizes
Round length
More bots
Minor unit balancing changes


Also, from the last round of suggestions:

Minor changes (Cosmetic niceties/features) (Collated by Webvictim)

Give top 10/25/50 solos a rank on the portal - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4897

Add "Name does not contain" to search form - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3495

Make ID tooltips more universally available across the whole game - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1743

Add titles to ID history - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4432

Add an option to filter mails from Alliance HQs when browsing messages - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5745

Prevent users from messaging a user on their ignore list (with timeout) - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5704

Add confirmation before deleting threads in politics - http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5699

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Making alliances smaller I do not agree with. There are so many reasons which I've pointed out in other threads that I can't be bothered doing it again. And I think these days those reasons are even more relevant.

Making the round shorter makes a lot of sense. How often have we sat here 40 days into the round thinking "christ I wish this was over already".
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