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Conversation Between Dax and Zaheen
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  1. Dax
    23-10-2012 12:56 PM
    Dunno if you fancy stopping with mailing Kayla in-game/via IRC, because it's pretty creepy.
  2. Zaheen
    03-09-2012 10:50 PM

    It's just a game. Get over it.
  3. Dax
    23-09-2010 10:25 PM
    I protest - It was hammering it down at around the time you sent that post. :<
  4. Zaheen
    20-08-2010 01:00 AM
    I was only messin, it's just funny everytime I refresh the forums you've replied to every thread on there...
  5. Zaheen
    20-08-2010 12:33 AM
    You love getting the last word in don't you?

    You spamm3r

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